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Merchandising Suggestions

Mierco Fine European Linens

Thank you for viewing our collection of fine linens -- featuring traditional and contemporary European designs and colors
in high quality European tea towels, terry towels, and more.


Mierco serves specialty retailers of linens, kitchenware, gourmet foods, fine wines, olive oils, lavender, European gifts (including French, Italian,and Scandinavian), garden, holiday, nautical, and general gift.

Mierco's Signature: Fine European Tea Towels
Fine designs, colors, and quality  -- from all corners of Europe.
Many are Mierco exclusive designs, and all are at a value we  believe is the best on the market for our designs and our quality.

Dry your dishes? 
I suppose… But there are far more exciting things to do with quality European tea towels!


For Home and Gift-Giving:

  • Wrap a grape tea towel around a wine bottle, for a gift they'll enjoy long after the wine is gone.

  •   The classic: fold over your oven handle-bar -- to add a pop of color to your kitchen. 

  • Makes it easy to change-up the look and feel of your kitchen in a flash.                   

  • Two-to-four clipped tea towels make bright, cheerful and easy café curtains.               


For Retail Stores:

-   Cross-merchandise:  Grape designs with wine; olive designs with oils; roosters with anything European.

-   Roll-up with raffia, stick in a basket on your counter --  and Voila - colorful fast "grab and go" gifts to grab their eye and increase your add-on sales.

-   Display a bright tea towel under your cookware  -- to use the color to draw customers to your display. Just be sure to have a few stacked in the display -- so it's easy to grab and buy one!

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