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Mierco offers a wide range of European linens for specialty retailers.

European Tea Towels: Suitable for framing, serving, decorating, gifts. 

Traditional European tea towels with wonderful combinations of design, color, texture, and quality. 

Quality/color-fast tea towels that decorate your kitchen/table, dry your dishes, and last forever. 

• Add a splash of color and design to your kitchen or dining table with a beautiful European tea towel, 
as a runner, or scrunched in the center of the table. 

• Cross-merchandise with gourmet foods (packaged or not), wine or wine accessories, 
or any gourmet products. (The asparagus-steamer is the best idea yet - see above.) 

• Draw customers to displays of your gourmet food and wine with the fabulous color/design/quality of these 

• Roll them up with a bit of raffia, and they're great "grab and go"gifts. 

• Drape the back of your gift basket with this quality, long-forever tea towel. 

• Wrap one around a wine bottle for a special longer-lasting present. 

• Use them as cafe' curtains for a wonderful splash of color in your kitchen. 

• Great as table-squares or toppers on dining/end tables. 

• Frame them with simple pine frames for a truly unique, beautiful kitchen/dining accent 

• And the perennial favorite -- over the oven handle. 

• Dry the dishes? If you must... 
Most designs are jacquard-woven. 
 All are natural fabrics: 100% cotton, 100% linen, or linen/cotton blends. 
 Available in the classic European oversized 20x28" rectangle* or 26x26" squares